Paperless communications

  • 1.      What does this mean?

    UK legislation passed in 2006 gives companies the opportunity to drastically reduce the numbers of documents they print by requiring shareholders to opt in to receiving paper, rather than opting out as previously. Howden Joinery's shareholders passed a resolution at the 2007 Annual General Meeting to allow Howden Joinery to use website communication as the default method of communicating.

    This means that shareholders can receive documents from Howden Joinery in a number of ways:

    For shareholders who have opted for electronic communications, an e-mail will be sent to their e-mail address each time a new shareholder document is placed on the Howden Joinery website. The e-mail will contain a link to this website, where the shareholder document can either be viewed or downloaded. For shareholders who do not participate in electronic communication, they will be sent a letter by post informing them that a new shareholder document has been placed on the Howden Joinery website, unless they have opted to receive paper copies of the documents.

  • 2.      What happens if I am a new shareholder?

    In the first instance, you will receive paper copies of all shareholder documents unless you opt to change the way in which the Company communicates with you (see question 3). If you do not opt to change, at an appropriate time we will write to you to ask how you wish us to communicate with you. If you do not reply, we will assume that you are happy to receive by post a letter from us telling you that new shareholder documents have been placed on our website. The alternatives, which you must positively indicate you wish to happen, are: (1) an e-mail to be sent to you saying that new shareholder documents have been placed on our website; or (2) paper documents to be posted to you.

  • 3.      How do I change to paperless communications?

    To register for electronic communications, you should go to Computershare investor services

  • 4.      Can I change my contact details?

    Yes - in both cases, you should go to Computershare investor services

  • 5.      If I have chosen paperless communications, can I still get a paper copy of the Annual Report & Accounts?

    Yes. Send an e-mail requesting the Annual Report you require to